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Glass Reconditioning

When it comes to your glass service needs, look nowhere else. At Focus Optics, we can do it all. We can take your old scratched elements, polish and re-coat them with period correct coatings. If your looking for a specific look, we can remove the coatings from your glass, to give you the look that you desire. We specialize in restoring doublet and triplet element groups that are beginning to separate. We have and in house process to de-cement and re-cement with modern day cements. These new cements will not separate due to temperature changes as some older adhesives do. Why buy aftermarket replacement elements, when we can restore your vintage glass? 

Yellowed Canon K35
Clear Canon K35
Triplette Element

Focus Optics also uses a in house treatment that can rejuvenate old yellowing elements . If your lenses have discolored yellow glass, please contact us to discuss if your lens is a candidate for this restoration process.

Pictured is a Canon K35, before and after treatment.

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