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Ruby 14-24mm

Ruby 14-24 mm T2.8

Focus Optics Wide Short Zoom 


          The Ruby from Focus Optics is a rehoused and reengineered Nikon 14-24mm. This rehousing allows the Ruby to work on all 35mm PL mounted cameras incuding Arri , Sony, and the Red. The  Canon 7D can be used with an additional adapter upon request.



         The Focus direction was reversed,  to allow  pull for cinema direction. The focus was expanded to travel 126 degrees. Close focus is set to an astounding 1''. We have engineered the Ruby with a proprietary anti back lash design to allow for complete accuracy when pulling from macro or infinity.

Front diameter: 110mm
Weight: 3 pounds
Overall length: 138mm
Filter Size: 102mm screw in filter

Footage marks: 1', 1'2", 1'4", 1'6", 1'8", 1'10", 2', 2'6", 3', 4', 5', 8', 10', infinity 

Please Contact Us for inquires and information about purchasing

This was a promo film for Sony VENICE shown at the 2018 NAB called "VENICE in Venice" and was shot with the Ruby alongside other lenses.

BTS footage from the Sony's "Venice in Venice" shown at the 2018 NAB, shot with the Ruby alongside other lenses.

IDT’s Y5H Diablo high-speed camera with Focus Optics Ruby 


Footage shot in Harlan, Kentucky with the Focus Optics
Ruby 14-24mm T2.8. Shot by Francis Kenny, ASC

Footage shot 4k HD at 14mm. Shot at T8 with 2 filters and at infinity

Frame grabs from footage shot on the Red Epic with the Ruby at 16mm. Click to Enlarge.

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