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Our Team


Stuart Rabin - Owner / Lens Technician / Machinist



       Stuart started as a camera and lens repair technician for Panavision and Clairmont Camera. In 1990, Stuart stepped out on his own, and founded Focus Optics.  Stuart has been repairing, designing, and modifying lenses now for over 27 years.  During his time, he created the Ruby, which is a wide, short zoom. Stuart continues to design, redesign, and modify lenses to meet his clients wants and needs. He has an expanse of knowledge that can only come from getting your hands dirty. Stuart will continue to push Focus Optics into the future, with top quality design, and work.


Matt S - Lens Technician / Machinist



          Matt has a diverse background of electronics, drafting, graphic design, and mechanical engineering. He began his career as a mechanic for General Motors, eventually earning the title of Master Mechanic. After 10 years of busted knuckles and backaches, he decided that a career move was needed. He began working for his uncle as a CNC machine operator. While working during the day, he began taking classes at night for Machine Technologies. After Completing the program, he was hired at Focus Optics. He is the main machinist for Focus Optics, while also repairing cine Lenses in between jobs. He is currently working towards a degree in Mechanical Engineering. While at Focus Optics, he is using his knowledge of CNC, Drafting, and Engineering to move Focus Optics into the future. 

Joel S - Lens Technician



          After graduating high school, Joel attended a community college, taking your usual gamut of courses.  After two years, he realized he needed to make a change. So he began attending Full Sail University for Film Production. After Graduating in 2008 with a Bachelors of Science, he began in the Motion Picture Industry. Joel literally began his career taking out the trash. He has worked as a PA and even in craft services. Friendships were made with colleges from Camera Department, these acquaintances allowed him a shoe in. Joel has over 10 years of on hand experience as a First AC. Along the way he has worked with all the major lens and camera manufactures. In 2018, Joel decided he needed a more stable career choice, this is where Focus Optics comes in. Joel still works gigs on his free time, but now mostly focuses on servicing lenses. He is an excellent asset to us, as he has first hand experience with the crew using the equipment. He will help move Focus Optics into the future, by giving us the intimate first hand experiences he has acquired over years in the Motion Picture Industry. 

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